Popular Sites

To learn more about or connect with other Urantia Book readers and organizations, listed below are popular and useful websites.

If you have a blog or Urantia-related website, let us know and we’ll post it.

The Urantia Book Fellowship
URANTIA Foundation
Urantia Association International
The Urantia Book Translation Portal
Urantia Book Multi-lingual Search Engines
Square Circles Publishing
The Urantia Book Historical Society
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Discussion Groups

UBRON (Urantia Book Readers Online Network)
TruthBook.com Urantia Book Forum
UAI Urantia Book Forum 
The Urantia Board 
ubronMAX Urantia Forum

Facebook Groups

Urantia Group
Christian Urantians
The Urantia Revelation
UBRON: Urantia Book Readers Online Network
Friends of The Urantia Book Fellowship
Spiritual Spectrum
Minister Pato Banton
Fans of The Urantia Book
Urantia Book Teachings
Fans of Cosmic Citizen Radio
Urantia Book Debate Room
The Urantia Book

Sources of Books and Study Aids

Urantia Book Store
URANTIA Foundation
Ascender Publishing
Square Circles Publishing

Study Groups Throughout the World

[Int’l] Urantia Book Study Group Directory
The Urantia Book Fellowship’s North American Directory
The Urantia Board Community U.S., Canada, and Worldwide Directory
Urantia Study Group Portal
UB Enthusiasts “Meetups”
The first Indian website dedicated for introducing the universal truths of the Urantia Book

(Sources provided by the Urantia Society of Greater New York)