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Science and The Urantia Book – Credibility Check NEW

If you want to get some good insight as to what kind of fascinating subjects are contained in the Urantia Book, you will thoroughly enjoy this 1 hour presentation of Halbert Katzen discussing his website, a comprehensive site that analysis and corroborates science in the Urantia Book with contemporary scientific discovery.

Perspectives with George Park, UB researcher and founder of

Hardly a day ever passes when Science tells us they think they have discovered new clues about the Big Bang, the current theory that explains the creation of the universe.

Recently I caught up with a researcher who knows a thing or two about astronomy, but has also looked into and compares the Urantia Book explanation of creation and has made some interesting discoveries.

In this interview George takes his years of research and explains why the current scientific model of cosmology is incorrect – and he has the proof. co-founder Larry Watkins 

A recent interview with Larry Watkins, co-founder of, a site sponsored by The Jesusonian Foundation in Colorado.  In this wonderful interview, Larry discusses his personal journey with the Urantia Book, and the beginnings of the site, centered around the religion of Jesus and the Urantia papers. We also have an opportunity to talk about the future of the revelation and what it means to him for the next generation of truth seekers. It really is a touching interview.

Perspectives: Sixty-four original concepts of The Urantia Book 

This podcast narrates the letter that Dr. William S. Sadler wrote to fellow clergy and other noted associates to whom Dr. Sadler had sent copies of the Urantia Book upon its publication in 1955. This letter, from the archives, outlines Dr. Sadler’s response to criticism that the Urantia Book offered “nothing new or original to religion.”

As a matter of interest to any Urantia Book reader, Dr. Sadler, with his response, effectively moves through the book identifying key unique concepts that provide a real context as to the scope and depth presented in the Urantia papers. A good read for anyone who wants to get a summary of the concepts contained in the Urantia Book.

The Origins of The Urantia Book with author Larry Mullins 

Science and The Urantia Book with Dr. Philip Calabrese

Candidly Speaking with UBTheNews Founder Halbert Katzem

Why Christianity Must Change with Bishop John Shelby Spong

Candidly Speaking with Fellowship co-founder Paula Thompson

Candidly Speaking with Urantia Book historian Larry Mullins 

Urantia pioneer Dr. Meredith Sprunger on the Mission of the Urantia Book

Urantia Association President Chris Wood on the global outreach program

Candidly Speaking with Byron Belitsos on the Evolving Human Soul

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