Urantia Radio and The Future

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 9.19.18 AMIt has been a labor of love to produce and operate Urantia Radio. Clearly there are people who enjoy it. The stats are consistent and we are logging at least a few hundred visits per month, which in the big scheme of things may not seem like much, but to me, it is special because I know somewhere on the planet, most of the time, someone is listening to the various audio papers from the Urantia Book, or enjoying podcasts and articles that get posted. Someone is hearing my “Beacon of Hope”

I have some goals for the new year, let’s see how I do.

Among them:

To do a weekly podcast simple called Urantia Talk, where I, or we, can discuss some of the interesting subject matter in the book. Most of the time on the various podcasts I enjoy talking to other people and getting their opinion, but on Urantia Talk, I want to express MY opinion and ideas on the Urantia revelation and how it relates to the world at large. Similar to the Blogs, but more so you can listen, rather than read, my perspectives of this most important revelation.

I also want to get others to submit writing of their own views, and opening up a community where listeners, both old and new, can express themselves about the fifth epochal revelation. I will tweak, add, modify this site to accommodate these two goals.

A third area I wish to improve is social outreach. I really want to encourage people to share with others this site. I know there are various sites that are Urantia-based, but to my knowledge, I do not think there is a streaming radio station (meaning it streams 24 hours a day) that simply streams audio continuously, like a radio station, because that is what UrantiaRadio is, a radio station. – real time, all of the time.

And now some good news and bad news.

The Urantia Foundation reports that outreach of the Urantia Book grows steady. Book sales are down here and there, depending on the country or translation, but downloads are through the roof! Which is what one would expect in this new digital age. I am encouraged by the number of people who seek out the book online, it’s in the hundreds of thousands. Despite these great trends online, there is a difference between impressions and engagement. What we are seeing is curiosity, but not the second-milers, the ones who take time to get to know the Urantia revelation. And part of this is because our Western culture is almost completely spiritually illiterate.

I, and many who were born before the 1970’s, had some exposure to biblical teachings or influence growing up. Talking about religious topics wasn’t politically-incorrect when I was growing up.

Today, the culture in the United States is mostly secular. You can offend many people by just talking about something as simple as Jesus. What this means is that many young people today are not familiar with even the most basic of Judeo-Christian knowledge. There is no basis from which to build a premise for spiritual discussion because the younger generation has no language for it. And anyone who reads the Urantia Book knows that the book is, at least on concept, a continuation and expansion of the teachings of Christianity., it builds upon and pushes the New Testament to its next level, through revelatory information.

The Urantia Book is to religion what calculus is to math; it requires a basic knowledge of mathematics to acquire the ability to understand complex calculations. In the case of the Urantia Book, if you have absolutely no reference to any religious concept, then the Urantia Book might as well be written in Chinese. Concepts like the Trinity, The Ancients of Days, or even the Unqualified Absolute, have no reference point in our current body of language. It would be like teaching calculus to someone who doesn’t even know how to multiply. How can one appreciate the rich historical presentation of the 3rd part of the Urantia Book if you have no reference to history itself?

How can a society that is now deeply questioning gender values (even questioning the relevance of gender altogether) possibly appreciate the Father-God-concept, when so many people either a) never had a father figure, and b) question or abhors patriarchy or anything that isn’t science-based.

Another example. How can the fourth part of the Urantia Book, the Life and Teachings of Jesus, have appeal to Western minds when so many westerners hold Jesus in contempt because of the actions of the church that bears his name?

A third example. When so many youth are distracted by “things,” how can they find appeal in a book that only concerns itself only with eternal values?

Paganism is on the rise, Secularism is dominant, and more than half of the world’s population now lives under totalitarian rule which prohibits religion from being taught.

I joke that if I wanted to commit suicide all I would have to do is jump on a plane and fly to China and start handing out Urantia Books. But the same might also be true if I did the same thing in London, or Damascus, or New York. It has gotten that bad.

Sadly, I believe these are the beginnings of a spiritual dark age, and not so much because people don’t believe in God or spiritual values, but because these ideas and principles are slowly disappearing from modern culture altogether. Paper 195 is more prophetic than I ever could have imagined, and the question becomes just how long this ‘ideological struggle’ will last, how long will this dark age persist?

So then I have a fourth goal, which bears some explaining.

I, like many, serve two lives. The first life is as citizen of the United States, the second, an ascendant mortal of the Fathers grand universe, of which I am a spiritual citizen. And like many, I get drawn in more so to my mortal life than my ascendant life, thus I have two blogs running, one for WatkinsReport.com and of course, Urantia Radio.com One which feeds my material need to express my opinion on material matters, and one which feeds my desire to promote spiritual truths of the Urantia Book.

Moving forward, I commit here and now to move away from the material and towards the spiritual. I plan on spending my energies on this endeavor, Urantia radio, for there is where the most good works can from my energies. No one needs another political opinion, but there are sure a million or so people who might just love hearing the good news of the Urantia revelation.

I’m getting lost in the material stream of politics, as are amany, and it has become a dark, negative place to be. I see far too many of my friends and family also being pulled into the black-hole of ‘everything Trump.’

And so, I will do more to promote the teachings of the Urantia Book, and Christs’ teachings in general, rather than swim downstream and join the fray my material friends are a part of. One path, or river, will lead to God, the other, the swamp.

And so thank you for supporting Urantia Radio. Please feel free to email me anytime if you can think of something I can add to make this website even more successful.

God Bless,

James R. Watkins

Executive Producer and Host

Urantia Radio

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