In the Land of Seven Trillion Suns

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 9.29.02 PMby James R. Watkins

As Urantia Revelators would reckon, in the physical systems it seems to every Creator Son there are potentially ten million worlds. It should also be reckoned that since the physical domain is governed by decimal relationships, I have observed that there appears to be about 10 suns for every one sun that, on average, produces one evolutionary world.

Taking all of this in to account, this means there are seven trillion suns, on average, which fill God’s ‘Grand Universe.

Bearing this in mind, the next time you watch a sunset, a beautiful sunset as our own sun settles in the western hemisphere, consider what each sun represents. Our own sun, the one we gaze at on a summer’s eve, or wish for on a winters’ days, is but one sun among seven trillion others which inhabit life.

The Urantia Books says God is evenly distributed (in terms of energy) in three distinct areas: Mind, Spirit and Matter (Physical).  If this is true, then our sun, our wonderful life-giving star, is equaled by the existence of 7,000,000,000 suns in our universe. And If God, in the physical form, can be represented by the sheer volume and energy of 7,000,000,000 blazing orbs, then what must Gods’ spiritual energy be if looked at in terms of spiritual power reflected by his physical presence?

If that concept doesn’t inspire you to, on some level, feel humility, perhaps even to the prompting of the desire to fall down on one’s knees and worship, then nothing else will.

When you watch it, think about the 6,999,999,999 other suns, each a small fragment of just one part of the God’s’ nature,  setting elsewhere for some other observable personality who, just like you, is witness to such a beautiful thing as the setting of the evening sun.

What do you think?

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