Time in Heaven

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By James R. Watkins

There is a comment made in Paper 54: 6 of the Urantia Book that states 25,000 years of Jerusem time equates to 20,000 years of Urantia time.

Jerusem, for those not familiar with the Urantia Book teachings, is the system headquarters sphere, the place where the Mansion Worlds circle. For all intent and purposes, Jerusem might be considered our first “Heavenly sphere.”

I decided to do the math to see if this statement is consistent with a previous statement made in Paper 46:1 of the Urantia Book where it states “The Jerusem day equals (just under) 3 days of Earth time.” The statement also adds that “one-hundred Jerusem days equals one year, therefore one-hundred Jerusem “days” equal 300 days on earth. In other words, every 300 days of our time equals one year on Jerusem.

Here you have two time references, state differently, but are they consistent with one another? Is the statement made in Paper 46:1 consistent with the same relative time equation stated in Paper 54:6, specifically: is 25,000 years on Jerusem equal to 20,000 years on earth, and would this be consistent with one year on Jerusem equalling 300 days of our time?

I did the math:

If you determine that 1 Jerusem year is equal to 300 days on earth then you multiple 25,000 Jerusem years x 300 earth days, which equals 7.5 million ‘earth’ days.

(i.e., 25,000 x 300  = 7,500,000)

Now, to figure out how many earth years can be divided into 7.5 million earth days, you simply divide 365.3 into 7.5 million, and the number is 20,531

(i.e., 7.5 million divided by 365.3 = 20,531)

And so it seems that 25,000 years of Jerusem time is about 20,000 years of Urantia time. 

All of this merely points to the consistency of the Urantia Book authors. They got it right. Such consistency shows a high level of attention to detail when constructing these two papers, especially since both papers deal with completely different subject matter. Paper 46 is about the physical aspects of Jerusem and is authored by an Archangel, a high spirit personality, while Paper 54 on the Lucifer Rebellion, is authored by an ascendant mortal of high esteem, a Mighty Messenger

These two authoring personalities hail from different regions and are of a vastly different order (not to mention possessing unique experiential knowledge). The statement of a Jerusem “day” on page 519, and Jerusem “year” relative to our own time on earth only verifies the conclusion that the Urantia Book proves to be highly consistent with itself. 

For those who want to speculate where Jerusem might be, consider the statement in Paper 41:2 where it says the astronomical center of our system headquarters (Jerusem) is located near an enormous black hole, which they referred to as a “dark island of space.” Black Holes, we now know, act as breaks on star systems throughout the galaxy, literal power centers which channel energy and currents moving through space, acting as dynamos for new star systems and nebulae.

Interestingly, according to a recent discovery published in The Astrophysical Journal, the closest Black Hole to us is just a mere 7,800 light years from earth, and is called V404 Cygni.


What do you think?

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