Justice Prevails – Even on High

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Judgement and mercy are quite a thing. When we conceptualize the vast array of celestial beings dedicated to justice and making sure all persons are entitled to a fair accounting of their life, I had the opportunity to witness a shadowy version of this very act play out in our own local traffic court.

I witnessed a Judge, some attorneys, and a whole cadre of law enforcement officers work towards the actual dispensation of justice toward the individual. What impressed me the most about the whole affair was the Judge and how he took testimony from the parties involved, asked input from the law enforcement officer who witnessed or gave account of the event in question, and then the defendant was allowed to plead their case.

Most impressive was the fact that Judge, in every effort to remain impartial, was able use his own judgement to dispense a fair verdict after hearing the testimony.

In one case, a man who had caused severe damage careening through an intersection, pleaded his defense, hoping to get the citation reversed. Obviously a poor man, one whom had recently served eight years for another traffic violation that took the life of an 8-year old boy, the defendant arranged for several witnesses to testify their sides of the story. In no testimony, even from the office who had arrived moments after the accident, could anyone verify that the defendant had ran a red light. Since the entire case was predicated on this one unverifiable fact, the Judge ruled there was no case and the man was free to go without charge. 

The point of this case is that we do have a justice system that sometimes does work exceptionally well, but more than that, I hope what I saw was a shadowy version of what the spiritual courts must be like. When the Urantia Book explains how the rulers of the universe strive to make sure every single person is entitled to a fair and replete accounting of their actions before any kind of justice or mercy is dispensed, we should give thanks that such things as mercy, justice and especially fairness, are earmarks of divine planning.

Even such a simple event as watching Traffic Court portrays that we must live in a universe where  fairness represents the character of God’s nature.

Simply put, we will all have our day in the court of life everlasting. It’s nice to know that in our material courts of law, that justice does strive to prevail, just it is said to prevail in the courts of the spiritual kingdom.

From Paper 33:7,8)

“However unfairly human contentions may sometimes appear to be adjudicated on Urantia, in the universe justice and divine equity do prevail. You are living in a well-ordered universe, and sooner or later you may depend upon being dealt with justly, even mercifully.”

What do you think?

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