The Relevance of Time

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According to the Urantia Book, on Paradise, one day to God is the equivalent of one-thousand years of our time. In other words, if an average person lives just seventy years on earth, birth, one’s entire life and death will have taken up just under 7.0% of one of  God’s day. Assuming God also has a 24-hour “day,” our entire life represents about 10 minutes in God time.

The relevance of time, when viewed from God’s perspective, presence a humbling picture of our own mortality. According to God’s reckoning, our entire earthly existence is roughly the length of the time needed to boil and eat an egg. 

Our earth would have to spin on its axis for 365,000 days (one-thousand years) before one full day has passed for God. 

Can you see why sometimes God might take a long time to answer our prayers, when in fact, and according to his perspective, what seems like a year or several years to us is but a few minutes of his time. 

Putting it from our earth perspective, what if it took 75 years for your construction permit to get approved, that would seem like a long time, wouldn’t it? (I guess we can be thankful the government isn’t on Gods time, otherwise my grandchildren would have to build my home, provided I got approval).

One hundred days of earth time is less than a minute of God’s time.

One year from now of my life will equal 1/365,000th of God’s day (less that 0.0002 of an hour)

In the big scheme of things, and from the perspective of of God, our birth and death is almost instantaneous, God see’s the entirety of our life almost as the same event. What seems to us like eternity is but a few moments on Paradise.

And this is why when you view your own life from the eternal perspective, suddenly those big things you worried about, seem senseless. This is a very short life. No need to be in a hurry. God isn’t.

What do you think?

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